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Autodesk Revit software

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Autodesk Revit: A Comprehensive Solution

Revit software is specifically built for Building Information Modeling (BIM), helping building professionals design, build, and maintain higher-quality, more energy-efficient buildings. Autodesk Revit is now availableĀ as an application that combines the capabilities of Autodesk Revit Architecture, Autodesk Revit MEP, and Autodesk Revit Structure software.


Autodesk Revit Architecture software

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Revit Architecture available in Suites:
Revit Architecture Suite
Building Design Suite


Autodesk Revit Architecture building design software works the way architects and designers think, so you can develop higher-quality, more accurate architectural designs. Built for Building Information Modeling (BIM), Autodesk Revit Architecture helps you capture and analyze concepts and maintain your vision through design, documentation, and construction. Make more informed decisions with information-rich models to support sustainable design, construction planning, and fabrication. Automatic updates keep your designs and documentation coordinated and more reliable.


Autodesk Revit MEP software

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Revit MEP available in Suites:
Revit MEP Suite
Building Design Suite


Autodesk Revit MEP Building Information Modeling (BIM) software for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) engineers supports more accurate and efficient building systems design projects from concept through construction.

* Design building systems more accurately using coordinated, consistent information inherent in the intelligent Revit MEP model.
* Analyze for efficiency with integrated analysis earlier in the process.
* Keep documentation coordinated and consistent with parametric change management technology.
* Deliver 3D models and documentation to support the building lifecycle.


Autodesk Revit Structure software

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Revit Structure available in Suites:
Revit Structure Suite
Building Design Suite
Infrastructure Design Suite
Plant Design Suite


Autodesk Revit Structure Building Information Modeling (BIM) software for structural engineering provides tools specifically built for structural design and analysis. With the advantage of BIM, Revit Structure helps to:

* Improve multi-discipline coordination of structural design documentation
* Minimize errors
* Enhance collaboration between structural engineers and extended project team members, such as architects, MEP engineers, and owners